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Table Of Contents Hockey Night In Canada, Junior Book 1: Jimmy Dammit And Who Has Passed The Wind Book 2: Who Killed Jimmy Dammit? Book 3: The.
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What You Do to Me. The Haneys Book 1. Chapter 1 excerpt. Thermal coffee cup in hand, Sam walked out of his apartment building and crossed the parking lot. He huffed out a breath, and a cloud of steam formed in front of his face.

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Minnesota winters were frigid, and the frigid had started early this year. His siblings might be willing to make the move with him, but his grandparents would never leave Saint Paul. All of their kids, grandkids and great-grandkids were here, which meant he was stuck. Turning the key in the ignition produced nothing but a reluctant RrrrRrrrRrrr. He tried again and got the same refusal. We have work to do.


The engine turned over, earning another pat to the dashboard. Content to sit while the engine warmed, Sam sipped his coffee and turned on the radio. He had plenty of time before he needed to show up for work, and his favorite morning talk show was about to begin. He tuned the radio to Loaded Question and adjusted the volume so he could hear the radio over the heater fan and grinned as the cheesy music announced the morning show was about to begin. This ought to be good for a few laughs.

Sam adjusted the vents so they blew only on the windshield. He could get out and scrape off the ice, but why bother?

Volume One: England

The glass would just frost up again by the time he was back inside. Better to let the van warm up and defrost on its own. Grandpa Joe always said there were two kinds of people in this world: smart lazy and dumb lazy. Smart lazy. Good one! No details.

Their banter went on for another few minutes before the DJs announced their telephone number and turned it over to the listening audience. Since the talk show hosts often gave out some pretty sweet prizes—like hard-to-get concert tickets or cash—Sam had the number in his speed dial.

For the next few minutes he listened to one outrageous story after another, choking on his coffee when laughter sent it down the wrong pipe. A husky, feminine voice came over the air. Her voice sounded familiar, and her name. So I did. Sam froze, and not from the cold.

He thunked his head against the steering wheel and groaned. Just how handy was he? Let me tell you. He was plenty handy and incredibly hot. After he did the job, I did him.

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He should get an award for leaving customers completely satisfied, something like those Employee-of-the-Month plaques you see on walls sometimes. Polished brass mounted on an oval piece of oak, and the engraving would read: Sluttiest Carpenter Award of Excellence—for going above and beyond the call of duty. He shook his head.

who killed jimmy dammit hockey night in canada junior book 1 Manual

Not a good idea. Women got ideas when he came around a second time—relationship ideas.

Table of contents

He shuddered at the thought. His life was exactly the way he wanted it. Who needed all the drama, all the demands and upheaval that came with the whole relationship package? Who needed the heartache? Not him. Strings-free, protected sex and the bachelor life suited him just fine. He had his buddies, his brother, sister, grandparents and a great extended family. He lived la dolce vita—the sweet life. Listeners were weighing in about Yvonne. About him.

His outrage grew with each passing second. He was a good guy, honest and upfront. He never led anyone on. Plus, his moral compass worked just fine, thank you very much. His call was answered on the fifth ring. This is Sam Haney. No last names here, Sam Haney. We like to protect the innocent, Handyman Haney. Did you get that, ladies?

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Sam Haney, the handsiest handyman in the Twin Cities. Aww, cripes.


Women love me. He shoved it aside. They come on to me. No addiction. No taking advantage.


Nobody is getting hurt. Can I help it if women want me? Whatever You Need. Wyatt sat at his drawing table and worked on a panel for his latest comic book series. Elec Tric, his super hero, had been hit by an otherworldly bolt of lightning one sunny day.